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Our consultants are all experimented engineers and represent an expertise in one or several fields of the embedded systems. They already worked in different technical environments, all linked to real-time embedded systems in the major actors of the markets. Aware both of the expertise needs and the time-constraints of our clients, Pulskom is able to provide the right people to the right place and then improve our clients performances.

More about our consultant experiences :

 Third Party Software Integration
 Protocol Stack Development/Testing using test suites
 MMI customization
 Embedded System Development
 Board Support Packages

Third Party Software Integration:
Pulskom consultants take charge of integrating third party software into the existing customer system like integrating WAP, MMS, JAVA applications from the third party software vendors into the OEM/ODM reference design/platforms.
We take the responsibility from software evaluation, interface design , integration until system integration testing.

Protocol Stack Development/Testing using test suites:
Pulskom consultant have a core expertise of developing protocol stacks and test suites for various GSM, GPRS,2.5G etc technology.

Pulskom has a long history of collaborating with ODM/OEMs like Philips, Alcatel, Sendo(Motorola),Sagem, Bird to help them build new reference platform integrated with customer design.

MMI customization:
World is moving towards look and feel perspective for all the products.Customer first needs to like the user interafce(look and feel) and then decide whether to go for a particular product or not i.e. in brief the "Esthetic" of a product now has a great role in the business for that product. Pulskom consultants help OEM's/customers with MMI/GUI customization and has a deep expertise and sound knowledge with better returns.

Embedded System Development:
Pulskom consultants have core expertise of embedded system development.The consultants have developed/worked for big actors of Mobile communication in the past helping acheive customer requirements/goals with quality software within short span of time thus helping them beat their rivals with short time to market.

Board Support Packages:
Pulskom consultants have been helping design houses in south east Asia like china, Taiwan for Filesystem, EEPROM,PArameter Management through Flash hence supplementing design house existing expertise to acheive the product within well defined time limits.

Pulskom consultants have a long track record of successful building teams for various actors of telecom from High cost to low cost business centers like technology transfer from Europe to India, china, Taiwan, Malayasia.

Pulskom teams take projects for maintenance and feature development at low cost and high throughput(In terms of time)

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