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Design engineer
Participating actively in analysis, research and development projects and working most often in tandem with a senior consultant (who is a mentor and coach), the design engineer completes his or her training while evolving in an enriching interpersonal environment.
Consulting engineer
Drawing on extensive professional experience and recognised technical abilities, the consulting engineer is capable of understanding technical problems, of formulating possible solutions and ensuring their implementation.
Senior consultant
His/her great command of the different phases of project development combined with his/her interpersonal skills allows the senior consultant to spearhead and manage complex projects in particular when supporting prime contractors and contracting authorities.
Putting into practise his/her in-depth knowledge of a specific technical Field, the expert carries out audits and coordinates high-level analyses with significant added value.
Engineer consultant
Combining the cutting-edge technical abilities of the expert with the comprehensive vision of the senior consultant, the engineer consultant partners Pulskom's customers at the highest decision making levels, helping them to define strategies and technological choices for the future.

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